Friday, June 1, 2012

San Diego Chargers: O-Line to Lead Charge to an Electrifying 2012 Offense - Bleacher Report

I'm going to take the same approach I did with the rushing attack and apply it to Philip Rivers in the passing game with this offensive line.  I'll split up the stats by thirds with the first five games, the next six games, and then the last five games of the season.

From week one to week five, even though the Chargers were 4-1, Philip Rivers still struggled.  This was largely due to an offensive line that wasn't consistently giving him the time he needed for the deep routes to develop.  During the first five games, Rivers passed for an average of 307.2 yards per game.  Rivers' average QB rating was 88.4 which was absolutely horrible considering what he's done in his career. 

During this span, Rivers passed for six TD's and seven INT's while getting sacked a ridiculous 13 times.

When the Chargers went 0-6 for the 2/3 of the schedule, Philip Rivers averaged 279.2 yards per game.  Rivers' average QB rating during this span of six games was 75.0, which was an even worse performance than he had during the first five games of the season.  During that 0-6 span, 

Rivers passed for 10 TD's and 10 INT's while getting sacked an atrocious 15 times. 

So here we are, looking at what the 2012 Chargers offensive line did last season for Philip Rivers during the last five games of the season.

As you can see from the first 11 weeks; the Chargers gave up 28 sacks.  It isn't surprising to see Philip Rivers' numbers so horrible when he's getting pressured and none of the deep routes can develop in the Chargers' Vertical Offense. 

In the last five weeks of the season, the Chargers' offensive line gave up only two sacks, and those two sacks came against the Bills.  Not only did the Chargers only gave up two sacks, they gave up zero sacks to the high motor pass rushers of the Lions and the Ravens. 

How did only giving up two sacks in the last five games help Philip Rivers?

Philip Rivers passed for an average of 282.6 yards per game during the last five weeks while tossing 11 TD's and only three INT's.  After putting out 16 TD's and 17 INT's while getting sacked 28 times, it's easy to see why Rivers had an outstanding showing after only getting sacked twice in five games. 

With new weapons in the Chargers passing attack next season, Philip Rivers will have more than enough time to throw the ball, especially with the new speed threats of Eddie Royal and Robert Meachem.

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