Saturday, July 7, 2012

San Diego Chargers Targeting Rival Fans For Ticket Sales - The Phinsider


Last season, the Miami Dolphins were forced to buy their own tickets in order to stave off local television blackouts and end the team's sellout streak. The difficulty in selling out home games is not an issue limited to just the Dolphins, however, as teams around the country try to find ways to pack their stadium every week. According to a report, the San Diego Chargers have turned to Kansas City Chiefs blogs to try to sell tickets.

Last year, the Chiefs at Chargers matchup sold 62,000 tickets, 8,000 short of a capacity sellout, according to Deadspin, and the team is trying to prevent this year's game, a Thursday night contest, from having the same issue. With that in mind, the Chargers sent out an email to multiple Kansas City Chiefs blogs, asking them to "come down" for the game between the two clubs. In the email, the Chargers' group rates are explained, and contact information is provided for groups of 15 or more Chiefs fans to invade Qualcomm Stadium.


Given that the Chiefs and Chargers are AFC West division rivals, let's imagine this plan was executed by the Dolphins. Could you imagine the fan reaction if the Dolphins emailed Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, or New York Jets blogs to get even more of their fans into the stadium? It's bad enough that during Jets week, Dolphins fans have to fight with transplanted Jets fans to get tickets. If the team were actively targeting groups of Jets fans, all of us would be in an uproar.

Next thing you know, the Chargers will be selling Chiefs memorabilia in their Pro Shop. At least the Dolphins would never do that. Oh, wait....

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